For Restaurants

1. How to Register on

Restaurants who want to be part of Food In Gulf can contact us at or fill the form at Click Here

After filling the form or by contacting through email at our sales representative will contact you

2. I fill out the form now ?

our sales representative will contact you and will provide you a username and password  for your account from where you can upload your menu .

3. Want to Register your restaurant? is looking for sponsor restaurants if you are an owner of restaurant and your restaurant is not on FoodinGulf you can contact to our live support service our customer support representative will guide you further .

5.Registration and activation fees how much?

Good news on Food in Gulf   registration and activation is free at FoodinGulf
Just fill out the form at  Click Here our marketing persons will contact you back with more details

6. Why

Some prominent features of  FoodinGulf are


Users can order food from even before reaching or opening of the restaurant through our per-order feature.

6.2-Simple & Fast has managed to keep their site simple so that users can reach their favorite food and restaurant in an easy way without the hassle of clicking links to enter into site etc.

6.3-Area Wise Delivery charges

On restaurants can define area wise delivery charges

6.4-Area Wise Delivery Timings

 On restaurants can define area wise delivery timings rather than standard timing of delivery.

6.5-Sorting Restaurants Based On Different Options

Again this feature is provided by only now your customers can sort restaurants based on

  Delivery fee  
  Minimum Order Value
  Delivery Fee

Because we know the importance of customers reviews as they are important for you and us together to improve the quality of service and make your restaurant meet more high quality standards

6.6-Adding Sub Item To Food Ordered

On  Food In Gulf users can add sub options to selected food e.g. if someone buys a pizza he/she can add its other options like Extra Toppings(Garlic, Tomato Slice) ,size etc.

6.7-Multiple Address Book

FoodinGulf provides users to have multiple address book e.g. to order from different location just add once and automatically detects for onward from where customer is placing order with no hassle of telling street numbers etc. which confuses those people who don’t know the street numbers

6.8-Express Checkout

From FoodinGulf now users can order the same food they ordered previously with just one click with express checkout option

6.9-Add Offers & Deals

you can add offers and promotions or deals yourself for your restaurant !!

7. I want to get details now?

Contact us at 052-4789929 or send us your email and contact number at foodingulf live chat we will contact you back !