What is

Food in Gulf  is an emerging online delivery service provider that operates in UAE. We provide an easy, fast way to connect customers with their favorite restaurants.

It just takes a few clicks to order your food online on restaurants’ in Dubai Sharjah Ajman Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

What we do?

We simply take your orders and send it to the restaurant through a completely automated process, so you don’t have to deal with all the hassles of ordering and we make sure that you receive your order on time.


On Food In Gulf many restaurants’ are register so you don’t need to go through the hassle of remembering restaurants’ numbers, waiting on hold, getting a busy response while dialing a restaurant number or getting the wrong order due to misunderstanding on phone, and moreover you can view menus with pictures of your favorite restaurants in our easy and automated process to order food online in UAE.

How do I place an order on

Placing order on is very easy just follow below steps

You can register through FoodinGulf or you can make your order without registration “quick order”. click here to register.

Just select your city and area you will get list of all restaurants in that area

You can check the menu with pictures of every restaurant you want to order on

On every restaurant menu you can see their Cuisines, delivery options and delivery timing

Can I make an order without registering with an account?

Yes you can

Can I place multiple orders?

Yes you can. You may choose to place another order to your shopping cart after you have finished choosing your first order by clicking on the button ‘Continue Shopping’ located on the shopping cart. Your other orders will be placed from the restaurants that serve the same area of your first orders.

I like a restaurant but it is not registered on

If your favorite restaurant is not registered on just send us the name and contact number of that restaurant we will try our best to register that restaurant for you specially

Is there any delivery fee I have to pay for food order?

It depends on the restaurants from whom you are ordering food most restaurants provide free food delivery .Delivery charges will be mentioned while adding items to cart

I want to order food with free delivery on

Click on view all restaurants then you will see options to sort restaurant by

  Delivery fee  
  Minimum Order Value
  Delivery Fee

Where can I see restaurants with my favorite Cuisine?

Click on view all restaurants here you can select your favorite cuisine from left side

How do I pay for multiple orders?

Currently we are supporting only cash on delivery

Can I place an order for late delivery?

Yes while ordering you can send in comments or notes to deliver order after one or two hour.  You will find this option available on the checkout page for restaurants that allow for late delivery service.

I forgot my username /password what should I do now?

Click on the link forgot your password below the login form then enter your email address to recover your username and password. The system will automatically send you an email verification link to your email address which you need to click on that link in order to recover your account.

Can I have multiple addresses into my account?

Yes click on the address book link in your login dashboard at the top right side hover to my account there you will find the address book link then click on add new button to add multiple  addresses from you want to order food .

If I made an order, how long does it take to receive the order?

It depends on the restaurant policy and how far your location from that restaurant is normally it takes upto 30 to 40 minutes even though delivery timing is mentioned on all restaurant pages on

I just made an order, but I’m not sure if you got it. What do I do?

Just go into your account and click on my orders here you will get the status of your order

Can I re order a previous order?

Yes you can. You can simply go to my orders section on ‘My Account’ page and choose the order from your history list and re order it.

I forgot to add an item to my order, what do I do?

Contact to restaurant if you want to add or change your order but if they have already dispatched your order then any additional item you add will be considered as new order

Was not happy with the food delivered whom should i contact?

If you have any issue with the food delivered you can contact us at .our customer care team will deal with this issue and let you know

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can cancel your order within 5 minutes of placing your order. Please note that you cannot cancel your order later on because your order would have been already processed from the restaurant side. You will receive a call from our call center or restaurant only if there is a problem with the order or an extra delay may incur for your order.

I like the food how I can refer it to others?

As a member of we respect your opinion and you can easily rate that restaurant or like our page on visit our Facebook page